Nokia 808 PureView, Rich Recording and ... the F18 Hornet fighter jet!

I was wrong. A few weeks ago I was proud to show a video from an ambulance passing me at high speed while I was filming with the Nokia 808 PureView, and I claimed: it doesn't get any louder than this. Not true, it now appears.

And although I have been trying to capture airliners - and they can be pretty loud as well - I have no choice but to bow for one of the true masters of all sound production, the F18 Hornet fighter jet, filmed here on a Finnish airbase.

My first video and zoom in Full HD. Now on Vimeo.

As you might have noticed I've (finally) discovered Vimeo as a perfect service to offer high-quality video. Sure, I knew it was good, but I never really saw the difference in my own video's - and than suddenly it proves to be amazing. And since everybody is looking at the first results with the Nokia 808 PureView, it's not just fun but also important to offer the best quality.

At the highway: comparing 4 (!) cameraphones

On a more or less sunny saterday afternoon, I took four cameraphones with me on my bike and drove to a bridge over the highway nearby. There, I positioned myself on one spot, and from there I made four video's of the cars passing at high speed. Again, it was a windy day, so you will hear the microphones catching some wind as well - some more than others.

I took the Nokia 808 PureView, the Sony Xperia S, the Samsung Galaxy S III and the "old" Nokia N8 (which doest not support Full HD, but I know you like to see it tested anyhow. Below you will find the result and you can judge for yourself which one is your favorite cam.

At the car wash! Better still: IN the car wash! Filmed with the Nokia 808 PureView

So after some short but very serious driving in the car, I decided it was time to treat him better- and that was necessary too, since the car was dirty as never before :-) So I drove to the carwash and put the camera back on again, to test automatic lighting, continuous autofocus and of course the Rich Recording I love so much.