"To Catch an Airliner" - filmed in Amsterdam with the Nokia 808 PureView

As you might know, I've been to the center of Amsterdam last saturday for a lot of testing with the Nokia 808 PureView. Although it was the 9th of June, it looked more like September in the western part of The Netherlands: grey skies, some rain, lots and lots of wind.

From a bridge (in spite of the rain, I never use my phone outside when it rains), I wanted to make a nice film of the Singel canal and the famous church (Koepelkerk) next to it, testing zoom at maximum in 720p. But I got an airliner in sight.

Short video comparison Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia N8, in lower light conditions

I've received lots of questions about the video recording of the Nokia 808 PureView, compared to the "classic" Nokia N8, especially in lower light conditions. In a shopping mall in Amsterdam, I shot two very short videos in those conditions with both devices.

I've uploaded all four on the PureViewClub YouTube account. I'm well aware of all objections against YouTube, but I don't have a fast alternative and at least I refrained from editing these video's, so I would keep the original format (.MP4) as "raw" as I can. No logo this time, no titles, just a plain and simple "wysiwyg" video comparison.

Rich Recording on the Nokia 808 PureView: it doesn't get any louder (or closer) than this.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, the famous title sprang to my mind when I was editing this short video. In Amsterdam I collected clear proof that Rich Recording actually works. Remember Nokia claims perfect recording under even the loudest of circumstances.

Today I was shooting a video in the center of Amsterdam (Raadhuisstraat) - and lucky enough to record an ambulance in a big hurry. I was more or less "in the middle of the road" - the space between where the cars and the trams drive. The ambulance passes me at about 20 centimeters.

Unique recording #3! Nokia 808 PureView – Seasick Steve, Pinkpop, The Netherlands

Another video from Seasick Steve, recorded at the Dutch popfestival Pinkpop earlier this year. This time, Seasick Steve invited a young woman to the stage to sing his Walkin' Man for her.

Here again, the Nokia 808 PureView is somewhat blinded, not only by stagelights but, as I was recently told, especially by the biggest light of all, which was shining very bright on the audience. Still, admire the zoom quality and of course the incredible quality of rich recording in this video.

Unique recording #2! Nokia 808 PureView – Seasick Steve, Pinkpop, The Netherlands

In my previous post I've written that in the Netherlands, many people are attracted every year by a huge pop/rockfestival called  PinkPop for decades. Since 1970 the festival takes place on the  Pentecost weekend, in the Southern part of Holland, in a small place called Landgraaf. The festival lasts for three days and features the greatest pop- and rockstars. It attracts  about 60.000 people each day, and this year, for the first and last time, just one of them carried a Nokia 808 PureView…