A "layman's" review worth your time

I'm still on a very slow internet connection, but since I make it a habit to point you to reviews that I think are worth your time to read, I'd like to share this one by Nitish Kumar asap.

He calls his blog "a layman's take on technology (doesn't need to have a super brain - just do your bit)", and I like that approach a lot since its more or less mine: just share what you know and learn what you don't :-). So enjoy his vision on the Nokia 808 PureView! calls the Nokia 808 PureView "A Top Notch Camera"

Another raving review! This time it's that is very enthusiastic about the Nokia 808 PureView: "a top notch camera". Interesting to see that  - just like did - the reviewers considers the device more as a "smartcam" than a smartphone. Was it something I said? ;-)

Just af few quotes:

Nokia's Damian Dinning responds to DPReview´s Gold Award

In a very comprehensive reaction upon winning the Gold Award at, Damian Dinning (Nokia´s Lead Program Manager Imaging Experience), gives a very interesting insight in how he and his team worked on the Nokia 808 PureView. I think it's a must read for everyone who wants to know more about the background of the device that just added DPReview's Gold Award to its impressive collection of awards.

More about the sensor and the lens is "a community for enthusiast photographers". I was not aware it existed, but today it published a nice review of the Nokia 808 PureView, zooming in on the camera sensor and the lens.

The author is remarkably enthusiastic about the Nokia 808 and I'm not surprised :-) What did surprise me a bit he (or she?) is using a lot of the pictures Nokia provided months ago, but that won't spoil your time reading the article itself I guess :-)