Happy 2013 with Kovalainen's snow white rabbit

I saved this shot for New Years Day. Don't know why, just seemed an appropriate way to celebrate the start of 2013. It's a fantastic picture from a small white rabbit in the snow.

But that's not all, it was shot by F1 racing driver  Heikki Kovalainen, who shared his Lumia 920 shot with his over 205.000 followers on Twitter, calling it a "cool visitor this morning" and showing what the camera of Nokia's Lumia 920 is capable of.

Nokia 808 PureZoo

(Sorry for the pun, it was just too tempting). Abdul Rehman from Riyad shared some very impressive shots on Flickr he made during his visit to the Delhi Zoo.

I will just share quite a few here, you can have a look at all his animals shots in the link above or on his Facebook page. If you like his work, be sure to like him on Facebook, so you'll be updated automatically.

Touch to focus on the Nokia Lumia 920

You might have seen this lovely little pair before: mr. and mrs Bearded Dragon from Australia, (not always) stuck in a glass cage near where I live.

I met them yesterday once more, and since one of them was in the foreground, and the other one in the back, I had a nice oportunity to test touch to focus on the Nokia Lumia 920 - shot through the glass, mind you.

And it works, as you can see here - first the one up close