Collecting pictures (part 1): Drops and Spiders

I'm not sure why, but today some drops and spiders were shared in my timeline. Maybe it's the season. Maybe it's because more and more people love to make pictures with their own Nokia 808 PureView - something I do totally understand, of course. But Twitter is an incredibly fast medium, so you might have missed the tweets with these few shots - it might even be you don't follow me (highly unlikely of course) or that you don't use Twitter at all (up to you). So since people were enthusiastic enough to share these pics on Twitter, I'm sure they won't mind I share them in this blog once more. Here you go. The drops first, than - after the break - some spiders. After the break, because some people are afraid of these many legged animals (I'm not too fond of them either by the way). The first two pictures with drops were shared by Jad Termsani from Lebanon. Then Stephen Quin from Leeds (UK) joined the discussion to add his own drop :-)


Sorry, but the pun was too tempting not to use. Here's a video bu Kimmo Juoperi of a wasp and his colleague devouring two raspberries, shot with the Nokia 808 PureView, of course. It's fascinating to see how one especially eats a remarkable whole in one of the pieces of fruit in what only seems to be a few minutes time.

Topolino70: beautiful butterflies

It would become quite boring if his work wasn't so brilliant. Topolino70 - yes, him again - just uploaded a video on YouTube that is once more breathtaking.

His choice of music - always excellent as well - is this time piano music by the French composer Claude Debussy, an Arabesque that fits the action well: butterflies dancing around in Tampere's Arboretum. Astonishing shots, again. Enjoy!

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Back from France I'm sorting out all material on my Nokia 808 PureView. It's not a mess, but it's a lot, especially in the picture department. Not so much in the video department though, so the choices are easier.

In a French supermarket I was surprised by the sea crabs that one day appeared to be unusually active. One sea crab in particular seemed to have made his mind up about leaving the big aquarium he was kept alive in with his fellows. And I happened to be around with the Nokia 808 PureView.

All earth's creatures, great and small...

This afternoon I noticed a very little snale on a small leaf, already carrying his house on his miniature back. I don't think I ever saw one this size in fact. So I got took the Nokia 808 PureView to try to get a nice close-up.

Checking the result, I suddenly noticed another small friend on the same leaf, one I hadn't noticed at all in the first place. We've noticed the Nokia 808 PureView can work like a microscope, but this one surprised me a bit still. Guess I need new glasses.