A selection of shots with the Nokia Lumia 920

I'm sharing so many shots from others lately, you might think I'm hardly using any camera at all. So I decided to share a few of the shots I captured myself, using the Nokia Lumia 920 - always nice for a change :-)

It's a widely varied selection of dozens of shots I made during the past weeks and I will present them in a more or less random order. And as usual, you will find all originals on Flickr.

First, a detail from a colorful carpet.

Nokia Lumia 920's OIS in a long video comparison with the Nokia 808 PureView

Recently I got a second car holder and this weekend I finally had some time to make a video using both the Nokia 808 PureView as the Lumia 920.

I was asked to show as much footage as possible (for maximum comparison) so here is a complete take of almost 7 minutes (it ended abruptly when the holder from the Nokia 808 PureView dropped to the floor... no damage though :-)

Both devices had continuous autofocus on, the Nokia 808 PureView had video stabilisation on. Normally I drive somewhere to find a bit rougher terrain, but since we have snow all over the place, there was no need to go far.

I don't have the software to combine both video's, so I suggest to start both YouTube vids more or less "together". Also, you might look at them fullscreen seperately and see which of the two gives you the best general impression.

I didn't add any music or other effects. What you see and hear is what I saw and heard from the car. For best result - but only if your internet connection is fast enough - choose Full HD playback quality (1080p)

Video shot by the Nokia 808 PureView

The expected remake of the Lumia 920 spot

Yes! There it is! And yes, I should have done this myself, I know, I know, I will try one day still. But @revazrezo obviously beat me to it and it would be childish not to share his impressive result.

He proves you don't need a cameraman in a big white van to get the exact same - or even better - result we all saw in the "official" video that brought Nokia so much PR and headaches.