Some parts of the Nokia Lumia 920

I've seen pictures of this remarkable package before, because many bloggers enthusiastic about Nokia received it, probably to get excited about the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 - as if we still need to be.And today I received it as well! :-) I made some shots of the package and its content with the Nokia 808 PureView (of course!).

They are not the real parts, just meant to be an example - I only think the backside might actually be the real thing. So although it is quite useless, I totally love to have it. Makes me want the Lumia 920 even more. I hope Microsoft will do their utmost to get WP8 finished asap... Can hardly wait to get my hands on it. In what colour though?

Nokia's Kevin Shields about Future PureView

Over at Engadget, you can read an interview with Nokia's Kevin Shields, who you've probably already seen during the presentation last wednesday. Right after the presentation of the innovations in the Nokia Lumia 920, the guys from Engadget had a very short conversation with him but managed to squeeze an even interesting article out of it. Here, I will only quote the most interesting parts where you can read some hints about the future of PureView technology and devices.

Damian Dinning on Nokia Lumia 920 vs Nokia 808 PureView

This early morning brought a lot of tweets from Damian Dinning, Lead Program Manager Imaging Experience at Nokia, explaining some differences between the Lumia 920 and the 808 PureView. I will quote them (slightly edited) below, since everyone following the PureViewClub is of course interested.

Received lots of questions this week regarding PureView #808 vs #920. Going to need to do this over a number of tweets, here goes...