Where to find the PureViewClub pictures and videos?

I just realized that since the club is getting more and more attention and new people are visiting, it might be a good idea to show you where you can find all the media I've been making and sharing since the beginning of June.

It's not very original, but you'll find the video's on the PureViewClub YouTube channel and some of those at the PureViewClub Vimeo channel. Here's one I particularly like, the video from my 8 minute trip IN the carwash with the Nokia 808 PureView.

I understood that in some countries (like India) you can't see Vimeo, so here's the version on YouTube as well (nice to compare the difference in quality, don't forget to choose the highest resolution).

You'll find the pictures after the break!

Extremely close macro demo on the Nokia 808

Okay, I knew you can zoom in quite a bit with the Nokia 808 PureView, but I didn't know you could get .as close as Jad Termsani is showing in his short video demonstration on YouTube. I will try this myself as well somewhere soon :-) The one thing to do is not shoot in 1080p, but in 720p, as you'll see in this video. But still, it's a much closer macro video shot than I would have thought possible.

A colourful kite on a French beach

Once more, nothing too pretentious, just a colourful kite on a French beach. The German owner made all the parts himself.

The wind was strong, you can hear it blowing in the microphones of the Nokia 808 PureView. Again, I didn't use a tripod, just wanted to catch the strange atmosphere of the most inventive dragon I've seen during my holiday.

Hope you will enjoy it, don't forget to set change the resolution to 1080p if you have a fast enough connection ! :-)