First Full HD videoreport with Nokia 808 PureView

During the Mobile World Congress this year, I had the chance to make a short video on the Nokia stand using the 808 PureView and even got the videofile from the Nokia employee.

I was especially curious about the sound quality. It was my second day at the very busy stand, and I wanted to test how the Rich recording technology would handle the enormous amount of noise of the Congress. Could I still be heard amongst hundreds of people talking loudly?

Sensational Nokia 808 PureView movie in full HD

It's just a matter of time before we can start making pictures and movies with the 808 PureView ourselves, but as long as we have to wait, it's great to see the results of what others have accomplished with it.

This guy (from Finland, no doubt) had published his "Glimpses of Finnish Spring" on YouTube. As far as we know, this is the first short movie shot in Full HD with the 808 PureView by a private person (called Topolino70 on YouTube, he has a lot of interesting movies shot with the Nokia N8 as well).

New promotional video Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia has published a new promotional video about the 808 PureView, showing how a team works on getting the phone as high as possible in the atmosphere to capture images from earth itself. Keeping track of the device is not always easy and you see more of the effort itself, but you can see the 808 in action and a rare videoshot from earth as well.