The Best Nokia 808 PureView Music Recordings

Most of us focus on the picture quality of the Nokia 808 PureView, and many love the video quality as well. I've been overthrown by the sound quality from day two I saw the device.

From Finland, Jarmo Timonen ( @EasyCapExpertti) appears also to be very impressed with the quality of Rich Recording, he even devoted a complete blogsite to it: " Nokia 808 PureView Music Recordings"!

PocketNow's comparison of four high end smart/camphones

Yes, a new comparison of four high end smartphones/camphones - call 'm what you like. This time PocketNow is comparing picture and video quality of the Apple iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Nokia 808 PureView and the HTC One X. We of course now the outcome already by now, but still, it's interesting to see how other people prove you're right ;-) Below is the video, you will find all pictures in the link.

80 Portugese kilometers in time-lapse video

Here's the first attempt from Ricardo Almeida to make a time-lapse video - from his car. Now making a video from about an 80 km's travel might take well over half an hour, so making a time-lapse on the road shortens it to just about two minutes.

The first 36 seconds you're left in the dark though, you'll just hear the sounds from getting in the car, strapping on the safety belt and starting the engine - and than the fun begins, accompanied by some nice high-speed music. Enjoy the trip from Peniche to Odivelas!