Leaf cutter ants at Buckfastleigh Butterfly Farm, or: how LED lights really work

I was pointed to this video this evening and I didn't want to waste any time sharing it with you. It's "just" a short video of "leaf cutter ants" at the Butterfly Farm in Buckfastleigh. I've never been there so I have no idea what it looks like in the first place (and I didn't know there were any leaf cutter ants on the planet).

Foo Fighters Tribute Band recorded on stage with Nokia 808

Whoops, I shoudn't have missed this one, but I did (sorry). It's a recording made ON stage from the Foo Fighters, during the HobNob Festival juli 7 in Almelo (quite a small Dutch place on the border with Germany). Again it shows the videoquality under lesser light circumstances, and of course of Rich Recording. If you're connection is fast enough, make sure to watch it on 1080p. It's even better if you happen to like the Foo Fighters' music as well :-)

Stunning freerunning video shot with two Nokia 808 PureView

There's a competition on  where you can win one of three Nokia Lumia 900, but that's not why I'm writing this post. To promote the competition they shot the freerunning video "a Day with Tim, Kie & Pip" using two Nokia 808 PureViews - two, so they could shoot it in 3D! You can find that version on the link mentioned before.