Very first videoreport made with the Nokia 808 at MWC now on Vimeo

Ok, it's an older videoreport by now, but as far as I know, it's the very first ever made with the Nokia 808 PureView, and now you can see it on Vimeo as well.

The second day at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - february 28 this year - I "discovered" it didn't only offer the sensational camerasensor, but also: Rich Recording. So I asked the Nokia employee if I could test Rich Recording, using the Nokia 808 in Full HD as well. I wanted to know if my voice could be heard over the noise of all the people at the Nokia stand.

Astronauts returning in Kazachstan

Earlier, I was asked to make a tv recording with the Nokia 808 PureView, and I made a video I didn't really care about, just a fragment from a CNN program. This morning however, many people in The Netherlands were captivated by the landing of our national hero, the astronaut Andre Kuipers. For 193 days he stayed in the international spacestation (ISS), together with Oleg Kononenko from Russia and Don Pettit from the United States.

Andre Kuipers has been using Twitter a lot to share his experiences in English and Dutch, as @Astro_Andre. With 253.510 followers he has a huge fanbase. Also he was  blogging from space.  He did so with great wit and enthusiasm and after living through the enormous (4G) forces of the landing, it took quite a while to get him out of the capsule (which is extremely small). Soon after however, he was laughing at the camera in Kazachstan.

About a minute on a train with the Nokia 808

This is just another one-taker. Nothing pretentious. I found it on the micro-SD card in my Nokia 808 PureView, I actually had forgotten about it, to tell you the simple truth. But when I saw it today - for the first time on the screen of my laptop - I was (again, I know) surprised by the quality of the image.

The train - approaching its destination - is obviously not going at maximum speed, but when you stop the motion to have a look at the view from the train, the image is remarkably sharp. And you know how I feel about rich recording. So in all, it's really just a short trip to nowhere, but I hope you like it nevertheless.

Jitterbug Baby, or why I adore Rich Recording

There's a small festival going on in my neighbourhood, and this afternoon I had a bit of time to drop by to look for some footage. You might have seen these three ladies already.  It appeared that the greater part of the festival takes place in the evening, so I could only choose between a Big Band playing the classic "Cheek to Cheek" or a much louder rockabilly trio playing "Jitterbug Baby".