Plain Sailing with the Nokia 808 PureView

I love movies like these because of all the joy they show. Samuel Rinnetmäki ( @samuelmr on Twitter) just shared this sailing video he shot with the Nokia 808 PureView.

There's not much more I can add, but that it almost looks like a videoclip and I even think I would have preferred the sound of the water itself. But apart from that: enjoy, it's all plain sailing! :-)

My first video and zoom in Full HD. Now on Vimeo.

As you might have noticed I've (finally) discovered Vimeo as a perfect service to offer high-quality video. Sure, I knew it was good, but I never really saw the difference in my own video's - and than suddenly it proves to be amazing. And since everybody is looking at the first results with the Nokia 808 PureView, it's not just fun but also important to offer the best quality.

New video comparison with four (4!) camphones. One minute at highway A27.

Last saturday I made a video comparison with four camphones: the Nokia N8, Sony Xperia S, Galaxy SIII and Nokia 808 PureView. I wasn't too pleased with it afterwards, though. The circumstances weren't comparable enough and the wind was too strong. I promissed I would do the exact same video comparison under better circumstances asap, and I was surprised to find the perfect opportunity this morning.