Some shots worth sharing!

At the end of a very busy day I can't leave you alone without posting at least one update with four shots that are not my own. Two of them passed in my timeline today, two of them were sent to me earlier - and I need to apologize to the senders, since I promised to publish them days ago.

I'll first show the ones sent to me. From the same guy that showed us Batman's House at Golden Hour, Richard Spepherd, I received this nice colorful butterfly - there's one more to come in this post by the way.

Richard added: "I took this at Yorkshire Sculpture Park yesterday.  I went to see (and photograph) some great art & Sculptures by Miro, but by far the best art yesterday was God’s design for this butterfly."

And I got a mail from Sebastien Tranquart, who shot this charming still life at Mahon Plage in France. They both have greay backgrounds I now notice, that is a coincidence.

Focusing again with the Nokia 808 PureView

After my thoughts on Elop, it's time to focus on PureView again - like you should with a Nokia 808 PureView: focus. I didn't have the chance to blog a whole lot this weekend, because all blog and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

In this post you will find a few nice shots from the last days. Nothing too pretentious, just sharing the fun and amazement of using the Nokia 808 PureView. First of all: a fly on a flower. Not that I like flies, but I love to be able to make pictures like these :-)

And here he is again, cropped from the original 8MP size...

15 more pics after the break!

My Nokia collection, shot with the Nokia 808

Late one evening this week I had the inspiring thought to make pictures of my complete Nokia collection - minus the Nokia 808 PureView, which is the one I would be taking all the pictures with :-)

Now I've been crazy about cellphones since 1999 and I have owned many more - but I had to sell a lot as well, to be able to afford the newer ones. You know how that works, and you must know you'll often feel sorry to part from them too. I have bought them new and second hand. One I found, in a puddle of water (it appeared to be still working). Quite a few were given to me by people who know about my passion.

Anyway, I can show you pictures of 18 different Nokia phones, from 1996 up to 2012 - it's just a small part of the enormous Nokia history, and since 1999 they are part of my own history as well. I took all these shots on a cloudy yesterday morning before work, within half an hour.

First, the Nokia 1610 from 1996. It's the oldest (and biggest) one I own, so you'll see pictures from both sides.

This phone still used the full creditcard format for the simcard. Rest of the collection after the break!

Collecting pictures (part 1): Drops and Spiders

I'm not sure why, but today some drops and spiders were shared in my timeline. Maybe it's the season. Maybe it's because more and more people love to make pictures with their own Nokia 808 PureView - something I do totally understand, of course. But Twitter is an incredibly fast medium, so you might have missed the tweets with these few shots - it might even be you don't follow me (highly unlikely of course) or that you don't use Twitter at all (up to you). So since people were enthusiastic enough to share these pics on Twitter, I'm sure they won't mind I share them in this blog once more. Here you go. The drops first, than - after the break - some spiders. After the break, because some people are afraid of these many legged animals (I'm not too fond of them either by the way). The first two pictures with drops were shared by Jad Termsani from Lebanon. Then Stephen Quin from Leeds (UK) joined the discussion to add his own drop :-)