Androidworld (!) Italy reviews the Nokia 808

So what if you blog for a website that is dedicated to Android, but you are in love with the Nokia 808 PureView at the same time? You compare the camera of the Nokia 808 with that of four different high-end Android smartphones.

In this case the website compares the Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Optimus 4X HD, Motorola RAZR and the Sony Xperia S (the only one to boast a 12MP resolution). Even the camera of the Nokia Lumia 800 has been taken into account also, because the reviewer carried it with him anyway.

The French Connection - Pictures from France

I finally got around sorting them out, and still I guess it's way too many - but it's up to you to decide which ones you like the most. On the specific set on Flickr you will find more than a hundred shots I took during our holiday in France. I seem to have a thing with animals, boats, cities, colours, fish, fruit, flowers and vegetables, not necessarily in that order though.

I'm sharing the ones dearest to me, they are not "equally good". A lot of the pictures are shot in full resolution, others in PureView mode. None of the pics on Flickr are altered - not cropped, not resized, nothing: what you see is what I shot using the Nokia 808 PureView.

In this post I will only show a selection (of 27), since showing more than a hundred pictures would be kind of ridiculous. I would like to point out however you will also find the fruit & vegetables from France I posted already. Some were not blown away by them, and you don't have to be. On Flickr you may even find a bigger selection of that early morning on e French market, I'd like to ask your special attention for the tomatoes, though.

In this post you will find a selection of (resized) pictures, meant to arouse your curiosity, and inspiring you to make some better shots with the Nokia 808 PureView, or finally getting one yourself :-)


The Nokia 808 PureView at Stonehenge

On the PureViewClub Forum, earlier this week Forum member "Cambo" shared some gorgeous pictures he shot with the Nokia 808 PureView at historic  Stonehenge - a magical, even sacred place to many (see the link for its amazing history or what is known from it).

I was so impressed by these shots that I wanted to share them with you in a post, I truly hope Cambo doesn't mind. You will only find the small (640x360) versions in this post, all original posts are on Flickr under the name of Camtodd.

The first one I saw maybe has the most magical atmosphere: the blooming flower with Stonehenge still recognisable in the background, despite the strong Bokeh effect.