Nokia 808 PureView loves the Nokia Lumia 900

As you might know, I have another blogsite in the Netherlands, Smartphone Review. I'm way behind updating this site (since the club is taking all my extra time in fact), but you may find some interesting reviews and essays there as well - it dates back to 2001, it's all in Dutch, but Google is our friend ;-)

Anyway, because of this blog, I'm lucky enough to get other samples of smartphones. The most recent I received is the Nokia Lumia 900, and I'm really thrilled by the design. I have a lot of experience with Windows Phone 7 by now, and I think it is an extremely underestimated OS. But this post is about pictures, not WP7.

Nokia 808 on the Greek island of Santorini

Vilja Sormunen is social marketer at Nokia and on Twitter she just shared a link to some of the gorgeous pictures she made with the Nokia 808 PureView on the very charming Greek island of Santorini. I'll just share two of them, including a metaphorical Greek door to more pictures (including the full size versions) you can find on her own blog.

Great pics, colours and dragonflies from India

I'm receiving so many links to fantastic Nokia 808 PureView pictures! I'm sure that the more popular the Nokia 808 PureView will become, the more people will want to share them here... And I'm happy to do so as long as the results keep blowing me away, like in this case!

These pictures are from Afaq Saied from India and I believe them to be totallly irresistable. Below you will find a selection, here is his complete Nokia 808  photostream on Flickr, where you can find the original sizes as well.

James Burland's favorites of the 808PureView Group on Flickr

I think it's a bit early in the month to decide what's best of July already, but i'd still love to share James Burland's favorites of this month. James runs a "group" on Flickr, that has grown in a very big community where everyone can share his or her Nokia 808 PureView pictures, and it's called 808Pureview.

For the love of detail...

The PureViewClub is becoming quite well-known I'm proud to say, more and more people are sending me pictures and videos, asking me to share them here - and I'm honored, really! I'm trying to please everyone, but that's becoming more and more difficult also, as you hopefully will understand. But in some cases I just have to find the time to share some great results with the Nokia 808 PureView.

Jovrien Darimbang shows you don't need a spectacular sight or amazing tropical animal to make moving pictures. With his pictures he shows a deep love for the details of everyday life that are so easily overlooked. I've noticed myself that the Nokia 808 PureView sharpens your awareness for details. It's addictive, because now you can capture them so well! :-)