PocketNow's comparison of four high end smart/camphones

Yes, a new comparison of four high end smartphones/camphones - call 'm what you like. This time PocketNow is comparing picture and video quality of the Apple iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Nokia 808 PureView and the HTC One X. We of course now the outcome already by now, but still, it's interesting to see how other people prove you're right ;-) Below is the video, you will find all pictures in the link.

A black & white coincidence...

Life is funny sometimes. I'm used to seeing more colorful pictures everyday shot with the Nokia 808 PureView, and now all of a sudden people send me three black&white pictures. First was Marius Torsan from Rumania. He is one of the persons working on MobileArt project, that also has a page on Facebook. In this project, they are trying to achieve a new look on reality, but only captured with cellphones. There is one other rule: a picture only can be edited on the same smartphone it was made with. Quite simple. He sent me two pictures, the first is called "Tour de France" (since he knows we appear to have a passion for that sport in The Netherlands, a passion I happen not to share  ;-).

Of unearthly beauty: pictures of @Sheridan01

Remember those fantastic panorama shots by Richard Dorman, aka @sheridan01? I've mentioned his work a few times already, but in this blog on he's explaining how he does it: The Nokia 808 Camera - Not a Review, just what I do!

It's a must read if you want to try to achieve this yourself, and I hope Richard doesn't mind me borrowing two of his stunning pictures he shares from his "long exposure photography".

A nice thought... PureViewClub Friends

I don't know where this will be going, but I like the fact people asking me to share their pictures here at the PureViewClub. They're sending me pictures more and more often, all made with the Nokia 808 PureView, of course.

Some name @PureViewClub in a tweet, so they know I see what they're sharing. Others send me pictures by e-mail directly. They like what's happening at the club, and I am grateful for the appreciation. So why not share on my Flickr account what these friends capture with their Nokia 808? Here's the first: