Just two lucky shots I guess...

Most people will use Facebook or Twitter to share pics like these - but even though it's not of great importance, I share it on this blog (that's what it's for, right? ;-). Late this afternoon the sun was shining almost vertical into our living room. We had the curtains closed, because suddenly it's very warm over here, tropical almost, so keeping the sun out is a wise thing to do.

I wanted to make some pictures of the sunlit, bright white curtain, trying to keep my own shadow out of the picture at the same time. So I was looking for the right angle, the right amount of zoom. But I wasn't looking for our cat :-) And now suddenly the joy is not only in the funny snapshot, it's about the detail in the snapshot as well... To enjoy that you'll have to check the All Animals Are Equal Set on Flickr. I'm sorry if you don't like cats :-)

By popular demand: some more pictures of the 808 Tampere limited edition

Yesterday, during the meeting Nokia organised at the Dutch beach, I had the chance to make a few pictures of  the Nokia 808 PureView "Tampere" Limited Edition. I share them here because I was asked to, not because I think they are photographical masterpieces.

It's just the red version - hard to come by in itself! - with the different back cover which is getting more and more famous by now. And all of them have nr 41 engraved in the back cover, obviously referring to the huge sensor :-)

A day at the beach (and yet another limited edition)

Today several Dutch journalists from websites and magazines were invited by Nokia to participate in a meeting on the beach at Zandvoort, to get to know the Nokia 808 PureView for the first time.

There were three shifts, I was in the last one. It was an nice event, with some activities on the beach (and in sea) to make pictures from. But the light wasn't too favorable in the afternoon, alas. There were too many clouds, simple as that, it wasn't too easy to get a good picture.

On the other hand, visitors have been asking me over and over again for pictures in "low light condition" so here they are, eleven of them even. I'll write some about all.