Nokia 808 PureView

And the winner of the sealed (!) black Nokia 808 PureView + official black cover is...

November 10, I posted a contest: to  Join the club and win the epic, sealed (!) Nokia 808 PureView + official black Nokia cover. There were over 90 reactions - many people really eager to win the Nokia 808 PureView and the official Nokia cover. Contest closed December 1st and it took me a while to judge all the shots. And the winner is...

Unpacking the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 has just entered the building. Picked it up in Germany this weekend - a moment I've been looking forward to for days now. Returning from Germany late in the evening, the first thing worth sharing at this moment are the shots I captured during unpacking the device, a few shots with the previous dedicated smartphone cameras and my very first impressions.

At the marina (part 4). Ten smartphones compared. Android vs Nokia PureView devices

Part four already, and we're still at the marina, looking at the winter storage. In the previous post you've seen crops from 10 different smartphones with which I tried to make the exact same shot. The scene was giving me so much details, I went as far to make three different crops from all shots. The part of the shot cropped in this post is much brighter - and more revealing.

At the marina (part 3). Ten smartphones compared. Android vs Nokia PureView devices

This is the third post about my visit to a marina in my neighbourhood. I brought 10 smartphones and captured two scenes, outside and more or less "inside", in different resolutions if possible. In this third part, you'll see the scene I captured from the inside of a winter storage - giving me such an amount of different details I couldn't resist making three crops from each shot.